Okay so a new fanmail,this time targeting DEMONLORD4000 about his review club.

Although people who know about this ID may well know that he is a habitual review spammer, and the only member in his club is HIMSELF, so that he can get to the top members list or whatever.You can check this NOOB’s events to see that!Also accompanying him is comput3riz3d who was warned big time but OLD HABITS NEVER CHANGE! And both these BRUVS wag there tails whenever a spammer/looser is in chat or bullying others.

And that was the exact reason why he made it in our ASS-KISSERS list :P, tho he is the last one! But i wont really waste my time on this douche because I DONT GIVE A RAT’S ASS ON WHAT THIS LOWLIFE DOES!

Thanks ETSAVER once again 😀