Spamming is a psychological or behavioral pattern generally associated with subjective distress or disability that occurs in an individual, and which is not a part of normal development or culture. Such a disorder may consist of a combination of affective,behavioural, cognitive and perceptual  components.

There are many different categories of Spammers, and many different facets of human behavior and personality that can become Spammers.

Some of them are people :

  • Who did lot  ASS-KISSING, but to no avail
  • Who are demoted Ex Staff
  • Who have sexual and gender identity disorders
  • Who have patterns of belief, language use and perception (the white side. LMAO)
  • Who use of drugs (legal or illegal),
  • Aspects of the wider community have also been implicated, including employment problems, socioeconomic inequality,abuse, bullying and other negative or stressful life experiences, lack of social cohesion, problems linked to migration, and features of particular societies and cultures.

This is site dedicated to all the SPAMMERS of EXTRATORRENT.COM.

Rule #1: Spammers lie.

Rule #2: If a spammer seems to be telling the truth, see Rule #1.

Rule#3: Spammers are stupid!

Rule #4: The natural course of a spamming is too be humiliated and disgusted at yourself and then resorting to ass-kissing to come  back!