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The Dumb ASS List

Okay so as you know I am pro ET, although ET isn’t perfect by itself.

Spammers do cause shit on ET , but some of there reasons for spamming ET are valid!

And I would like to reiterate here that I am still against spamming.

But since spamming has stopped for now, the new shit thats going on is the Review Club and  some NooB Trash Chat by the Dumb Ass Members. So just coming up with a new list to separate the DUMBS from the ASS KISSERS. Some names would be transplanted from the ASS KISSERS list too!

Follow the link to see this list 🙂


And feel free to comment/suggest since we entertain everything in here!

Just another fan-mail with some artwork, and how can i steal the limelight from Nightstalker !


Thanks ETSaver for the input 😛


Kiss Ass!

Ass Kissing is never a one way process! But a 2-way process.

And who doesnt love his buns being LICKED clean by the our dear Homo faggots.