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So its been a long break but lately on the peaceful ET a lot of campaigning has been going on to catch some review clubs/ dupe id’s.

I have no issues with people voicing there concerns and suggestions


So a humble request to all the campaigners to take it slow and stop calling names!

The Dumb ASS List

Okay so as you know I am pro ET, although ET isn’t perfect by itself.

Spammers do cause shit on ET , but some of there reasons for spamming ET are valid!

And I would like to reiterate here that I am still against spamming.

But since spamming has stopped for now, the new shit thats going on is the Review Club and  some NooB Trash Chat by the Dumb Ass Members. So just coming up with a new list to separate the DUMBS from the ASS KISSERS. Some names would be transplanted from the ASS KISSERS list too!

Follow the link to see this list 🙂


And feel free to comment/suggest since we entertain everything in here!


I really liked the naming of these two lossers! Nothing new though but fucking HILARIOUS!

And guess what the user whom they have reviewed has not commented yet. Wondering what were THOSE kind words.

Thanks ETSAVER for the input!





Okay so a new fanmail,this time targeting DEMONLORD4000 about his review club.

Although people who know about this ID may well know that he is a habitual review spammer, and the only member in his club is HIMSELF, so that he can get to the top members list or whatever.You can check this NOOB’s events to see that!Also accompanying him is comput3riz3d who was warned big time but OLD HABITS NEVER CHANGE! And both these BRUVS wag there tails whenever a spammer/looser is in chat or bullying others.

And that was the exact reason why he made it in our ASS-KISSERS list :P, tho he is the last one! But i wont really waste my time on this douche because I DONT GIVE A RAT’S ASS ON WHAT THIS LOWLIFE DOES!

Thanks ETSAVER once again 😀

Okay, so we have a new WUSSY MOD  who finally lost his cool and saved himself from humiliation by asking to be demoted rather than being kicked and BLOCKED from ET.

And manofkent (caught commenting on our blog recently, lol manofmaine should i say) has rightly earned his spot in our ASS-KISSER LIST!

Click here to check his events:

Your services are no longer needed!


LMFAO The last KISS!






Since we published proof of Don’s involvement in spamming of,

Oziman, one of the admins of the site took it upon himself to make his life miserable rather than BLOCKING him straight away.

Don tried his best to use his ass kissing tactics, and denied his deranged psychopathic behaviour, with support from Pirate81176 and some other douches , but finally succumbed in the shit he created!

And finally gave his last ass kiss to Taker, super admin to relieve him from his embarrassing  doings.

I would say someone should delete his account from the database, before he finds his way back with some more Brown Nosing!


Check below to see his events. LETS HOPE HE NEVER MAKES A COME BACK!



Don’s Fan Mail

Don is getting all the attention he wanted now i reckon, let me show you one of the mails we received


“”lol don is such a super asskisser he cant live without et bocz for him its a place where he get ass for kissing see the below image

post it on ur website ,in et chat ,all torrents site let don die by not getting and ass for kissing””
Thanks to ET SAVER for the SPAM 😛

DON Caught In His ACT!!

As you can see this is a screenshot from Cody_arse’s so called “How to Register Dupe Account on ET- FakeID Release” VIDEO.

And you can see his messenger friends list in which DON’s name is visible with the link of .

I reckon DON would need some new cocks now to sulk on with free ass-kiss service!

Here was another proof on who runs the Gay-SPAM-Show on ET..Lmao PITY ON YOU!

Source:  Cody_ARSE aka CodenameXE . You just made yourself proud!

Hello People

Even after the continuous ongoing efforts by the trannies, to become admins at ET, none have been fruitful till now.

They are finding new ways and measures everyday but nothing seems to be working for them.

Even attempts at dislodging other mods went in vain

As an appreciation to there hard work and dedication this shit hole has been created to encourage them to spam more.


However they will grow up sooner or die ! Same with me too.


Your fellow spammer! 😀